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2016-11-10 10:24:37 by EngyVI


My name is Engel, or Engy, whichever you prefer. 

I'm 20 years old and am currently in my last year of high school. After that I want to study music composition for media. Eventually I want to write music for video games and movies, and maybe even make my own/work on other aspects besides the music. About three years ago I started playing piano and really loved it. About 1,5 years ago I even got into music composition. I loved this so much that I decided that's what I want to do after high school. I also have been drawing a bit recently and am really enjoying that. I can't wait to share my art here and learn from you all  :)

If you have any questions, lemme know  




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2016-11-14 11:04:24

Hey there Engel, and welcome to the site!


2016-11-27 21:23:46

welcome to NG.